Bankruptcy: The F*ck You Credit Repair System

Bankruptcy: The F*ck You Credit Repair System

We here at and the PCN Network have very little respect for Consumer Credit which leads to Consumer Debts. Therefore, when we talk to others about Consumer Credit we normally tell them to dump it and run. Why? The United States has been pulling magic tricks on it’s Citizens for decades to keep them in debt, stress, and slavery by the illusions of the American Dream. Yet, we know that the wealthy business owners and elite do not live this way.

Some people have woken up to a few truths about the Strawman, Fractional-Reserve Banking, and the fact that the American Dollar has no true value behind it. Unfortunately, these are just branches and leaves on a tree that has been growing against citizens for over a century now. Fortunately, there comes along people like David Parker who has been on the inside long enough to know and share the hidden secrets of this tree.  As one of the founders of the PCN concept, he talks a lot about how filing bankruptcy can save the American Citizen a ton of heartaches and headaches. In fact, he calls Bankruptcy the best way to tell the system that has been designed against us to “Go F*ck Off!”

One of our best members was a single mother of four who had just went through a nasty divorce, was working two jobs, and was still sinking into the Abyss of Capitalism. When she first learned of the PCN it took her awhile to grasp the concept of letting go of her consumer debts. Since we still had a Consumer Credit Repair division back then,  she would contact us every other day asking about her Consumer Credit Report. She would hit us with questions like “When will that collection come off my report? How long will it take to get a score of 680 or better?” Little did she know that she had joined a new program that was designed to steer her away from her Consumer Credit.

To make a long story short, here’s her testimonial letter that was sent to us back in 2016:

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to say thank you for opening my eyes to something I wish every American knew. I know for sure that my life would not be the way it is today if I hadn’t bugged you guys so much that you told me to file bankruptcy. Even when you told me to file, I was still reluctant, even though I was drowning in debts. When I got my PCN I followed the steps to build credit immediately and had received two new credit cards and a car lease without using my consumer credit. Nevertheless, I was still concerned about my “consumer” credit.

Finally, when I was terminated from one of my jobs I filed chapter 7. Within two months I was on my way to getting it discharged when something told me to pull my credit. To my surprise ALL MY DEBTS, COLLECTIONS, and JUDGMENTS WERE GONE ALREADY! At this point, the lights came on in my mind from what I learned from you guys and I decided to leverage my PCN and I let the Bankruptcy get dismissed before following through for a discharge. I applied for a small business loan to start a bakery (longtime dream) and I got it. I then transferred all the assets I cared about such as my home and another vehicle to my PCN.

A few months after doing all this I pulled my “consumer” credit report again and there was still NOTHING on it. Believe it or not, there wasn’t a sign of me filing bankruptcy either. I decided to apply for one “consumer” credit card offer that came in the mail so that I can at least have something on my credit report. Now, I have moved on to buying a rental property, my bakery is doing $10,000 a month online and $7,000 a month at my brick and mortar store. I also raised the value of my home by using a Home Deport Credit Card I received for my PCN, and I am thrilled.

I don’t know if what I did will work for everyone, but I have told every one of my girlfriends, especially those who have been through a divorce to get a PCN and file bankruptcy on their consumer lifestyles. Its almost hard to believe that we are all hypnotized by it. Thank you so much guys. My life is a lot better just like you said it would be. I get it now.


Sharon M.

No, this may not happen for everyone the way it happened for Sharon. However, the bottom line is still the same. We all have been taught to establish and use credit to obtain the things we need and want. Yet, at what price? As I look at all the Credit Repair Companies, Credit Repair Facebook Groups and Pages, and even the countless Credit Forums, there is definitely a problem that needs to be fixed, and it’s not your consumer credit report. Credit Repair is over a $6 billion dollar a year industry. Why? My answer is simply “Consumer Conditioning.”

When we learn how to truly live like wealthy business owners and flip the script on Corporate Personhood, is when go from worrying and complaining to creating and living the way we desire. A small change in our thinking can lead to a great change in our lives. Everyone is not going to be a millionaire but everyone should know the truths of what they are living and why. For most of our members, Bankruptcy is one of the first steps to saying “F You” to a system that is and has been enslaving billions for far too long.

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