The Truth of TIME

I remember one day I was sitting in my bedroom watching TV and feeling depressed, and tired of being sick and tired. The many challenges I had faced in one year had finally got the best of me. Regardless of what I did, it seemed as if I was stuck experiencing the same crap everyday. It didn’t matter what book I read, motivational video I watched, or even what prayer I said, nothing worked.

All of a sudden, I remembered a commitment I made back in 2010 to begin studying the truth of TIME.  I wasn’t down or depressed back then, so I only researched enough to satisfy a little curiosity. Now that I had a lot of time on my hands and was desperate for a way out, I began meditating on “Time” once more. Within a few hours of focusing, I heard a small voice within say “Time is Your Perspectives of it!”

Immediately, I began to see myself in the third person experiencing the same depression day in and day out. The difference in my vision this time was that I knew I was creating and allowing these experiences because I was waiting for something or someone to bring better days. It finally dawned on me that this would probably never happen because human beings can not truly experience the past or the future, only today. Sure, we can think about the past and the future, but our full trinities (mind, body, and soul), can not experience anything in the past or future, only the present.

After a little while of thinking this way, I began to have a “Um Moment (Momentum). Could this be the true feelings of what we know as Hell? For some reason most of us don’t really sit and think about the main aspect of Heaven and Hell, which is NO TIME. In Hell, there would be NO TIME to apologize to those we have done wrong or forgive those who have done wrong to us. There would also be NO TIME to do things for our family, friends, and others in the realm of the world we currently live in. As these thoughts kept coming in, I began to feel better and better.

I finally realized that there were many good and bad aspects of my life that I could change immediately by having one thought: “Sow what you want to live forever and believe it will grow and grow.” Being a Christian, I had heard this throughout the Bible for many years. Yet, I never thought about the Law of Sow and Reap this way. Nevertheless, it’s what changed my life from depression to prosperity, peace, joy, and power.

I saw how the Farmer had to sow his seeds in the soil and apply patience and faith in a way that became part of his character. I also saw how the person who lost 100 pounds simply began sowing better eating and exercising habits with this same thought about time. I went on to think about every talented person that went on to be successful in sports, music, or whatever their calling was, all having changed the moment they DECIDED to take on this mentality about TIME.

What does this have to do with a PCN and, or Credit? The truth is that TIME can play these tricks on our minds. It is when we DECIDE that we are going to build and maintain good credit by learning and doing those things that cause it, it’s already done. The rest is history in the making.

If you have a bad personal/consumer credit, you should take action now on getting your PCN established. If you haven’t signed up with us yet, you definitely need to do that first. Over the past few months, I’ve seen members go from establishing their first PCNs to buying real estate properties, investing in internet businesses, all within 60 days or less. These folks definitely have figured out the truths of TIME.  I always say “NOW is the past tense of WINNING = WON.” Decide to do whatever it is you want to do NOW, leave the rest to TIME. Suprisingly, the thing we call the Future will turn into the NOW and you will experience the benefits of your PCN that you sowed today.

PS – Stay tuned for the next post on TIME tomorrow. I love this topic!